Amazing Drone Footage of a Competitive Kayaker Successfully Riding Down a 110 Foot Waterfall

German competitive kayaker Adrian Mattern impressively took a ride down a 110 foot waterfall at Alexandra Falls in the Northwest Territories of Canada. This fall is so challenging that only two other people have accomplished this same feat in the past, Ed Lucero and Tyler Bradt.

Mattera was able to arrange for a drone to capture aerial footage and attached a GoPro to himself in order to capture every aspect of this amazing ride, which had been a dream of Mattera’s for four years.

I first saw the falls back in 2014 and immediately knew that one day I wanted to run this particular waterfall when my skill and mindset would be developed enough to pull it off. coming back to the place 4 years later I felt more confident and stronger than ever…the descent itself felt like it was a dream and soon I found myself downstream of the falls happy and at peace with myself!

Mattern has kayaked down falls from all over the world including Iceland, Chile, Austria and India.

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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