Jurassic Live: Dino Action Show, A Theatrical Parody Performance of Jurassic Park

In 2011, The Old Murder House Theatre in Austin, Texas, produced Aliens on Ice, a live theatrical ice-skating version of the 1986 sci-fi classic film, Aliens. Now, they are touring with their new show titled Jurassic Live: Dino Action Show, a live-action parody performance of Jurassic Park. They are presenting Jurassic Live in select U.S. cities from now until July 3, 2012 (tickets). Photographer Nathan Jones has set up a gallery of images from the June 10 performance in Austin, Texas.

The target of our latest play was actually the first film that Murder House lovingly re-staged eons ago, on the back porch, for a few dozen friends and defenseless passers-by. Spielberg’s 1993 blockbuster is a masterpiece of pop spectacle, thrilling action, and memorable characters – a film that is, itself, larger than life. Now, with four years of creative re-engineering under our collective belt, Murder House is tracing our evolution back to its beginnings, painstakingly rendering multimillion-dollar CG creatures in cardboard and duct-tape. This show wasn’t meant to cater only to the super-rich. Everyone in the world has the right to see these animals. And they will, because we’re bringing the show to you!

Thanks Epiphany & Jewelz!