June dorkbot-sf


June’s dorkbot-sf takes place this Wednesday, June 21st at Rx Gallery in San Francisco.

Wednesday, June 21, 7:30pm
Rx Gallery (132 Eddy St, San Francisco)

FREE ADMISSION but donations to our hosts much appreciated


Jeremy FitzhardingeConstellation
Yes, many of you saw this at the maker faire -get the scoop from jeremy himself (i’ve been waiting for about a yr now for him to do a dorkbot on it!).

Shannon Wright – Animating Principle
She will talk about her mechanical sculptures and their relationship to the notion of ‘agency’.

Michael Laine – Liftport: Opening Space to Everyone – A Space Elevator Presentation

open dorks:

Kal Spelletich and Anu Vikram – Frankenstein Theory of Robotics: a Survey of Robotics and New Media Art

Leila HasanThe Gigapan (CMU and NASA’s Gigapixel Panoramic Imaging Electromechanical Device)

illustration: Liftport, space elevator concept