Johnny Marr Invites a Devoted Fan Onstage at a Live Show to Play Guitar on the Song ‘This Charming Man’

While playing Live at Lemon Grove in Exeter, England, the legendary Johnny Marr invited a devoted fan onto the stage to accompany him on guitar for The Smiths’ song “This Charming Man”.

The young fan, George who like Marr is also from Manchester, had gotten Marr’s attention by physically covering the set list with a written plea to join him onstage. After reading his request, Marr not only very graciously invited George upon stage to play, but gently encouraged the young man along the way.

…a fan covers Marr’s set list with a paper request to join him onstage to play This Charming Man. Fan, ‘George’ surprised everyone and gained respect from Marr!

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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