Johnny Depp Recalls the Time He Trashed a Hotel Room Because He Was In a Bad Mood

Johnny Depp Trashes a Hotel Room

In an interesting episode of the animated series “What I Learned” by Quoted Studios, actor Johnny Depp opened up to Esquire writer-at-large Cal Fussman in a 2009 interview. Depp spoke honestly about his parents, his decision to drop out of high school, his desire to re-enroll two weeks later, the advice that was given to him about being true to himself and the importance of having an outlet for one’s feelings.

You gotta have an outlet available, stimulus, know what I mean? But I wasn’t embarrassed about it then, and I’m certainly not embarrassed about it now. I mean, you know, I was in a bad mood, I assaulted a hotel room. I broke a lot of stuff. And it felt good. I felt better afterwards. Can’t say that I would recommend it, but, you know, you do what you have to do in the moment. Then you have to do it.