Joey Skaggs Launches The Art of the Prank

Joey Skaggs

Mega prankster Joey Skaggs has just launched his latest project, “The Art of the Prank”, a blog focusing on pranks, hoaxes, culture jamming and reality hacking. He has assembled an impressive list of contributors, who along with himself include Paul Krassner, V. Vale, Ron English, Rev Al, Charlie Todd of Improv Everywhere and many others. Oh yeah and even though he it launched on April Fool’s Day, it’s not a prank, no really, Joey swears it’s for real this time.

Pranks have traditionally been relegated to the realm of the juvenile bad-boy or special occasions, like April Fools Day. People typically think of the word prank as referring to funny, embarrassing, humiliating, non-redeeming acts of just plain silliness or revenge. And while this may represent the majority of pranks in the world, the role of the prankster throughout history has been quite significant and influential. Mythic archetypes such as the trickster and coyote; the jester in the royal court; and pranksters throughout literature will all be explored.

In addition, topics such as pranks in the news, the sociology and psychology of pranks; political pranks; First Amendment issues; hoax etiquette; publicity stunts; urban legends; illusion and magic; fraud and deception; hype; spin; and propaganda will all be fodder for thought. As will, of course, all sorts of practical jokes and mischief…

“April Fools Day, my favorite holiday, is the perfect launch date. This site will provide one stop shopping for anyone interested in mounting an insurrection, over-throwing a government, crashing a stock market, creating global chaos, growing hair, losing weight or keeping their horny dog satisfied. It will provide a sure way to get the federal government to tap your phone line, or, at the very least to embarrass and humiliate yourself,” says artist, Joey Skaggs.

Scott Beale
Scott Beale

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