Jimmy Fallon Plays Schoolyard Games With Cast Members of ‘Squid Game’ on ‘The Tonight Show’

While appearing on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, four cast members of the immensely popular Netflix series Squid Game, Lee Jung-jae (Seong Gi-hun), Park Hae-soo (Cho Sang-woo), Gong Yoo (game salesman), and Jung HoYeon (Sae-byeok), remotely played non-lethal schoolyard games with host Jimmy Fallon at his request. The games played included were Slapsies, Rock Paper Scissors (Kai Bai Bo), and an egg and spoon race. While a winner was declared, no one paid the ultimate price for losing.

Jimmy challenges the cast of Squid Game to face off against each other in rounds of classic schoolyard games like slapsies, egg and spoon races and more.

Schoolyard Games with the Cast of Squid Game The Tonight Show

Earlier in the show, Fallon introduced the cast and learned a little more about each of them and the games they played in the series.

Lee Jung-jae, Park Hae-soo, Wi Ha-joon and Jung Ho-yeon talk about starring in Squid Game, the show’s massive popularity and the origin of the Red Light, Green Light doll.