Jimmy Fallon and Mayor Pete Buttigieg Insult Each Other in Different Languages in Tonight Show Promo

While heading towards the stage door, Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon encountered South Bend, Indiana Mayor and Democratic Presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg as he was waiting in the hallway for his appearance on Late Night with Seth Meyers. Fallon and Buttigieg chatted amicably for a bit despite the fact that Fallon had previously referred to Buttigieg as “the boy who became mayor”, calling him the “avocado toast of Democrats”.

As Fallon was walking away, however, Buttigieg, who speaks seven languages fluently, softly, insulted Fallon in Spanish. Fallon turned around and responded in Spanish. Buttigieg switched to Italian and Fallon responded in Italian. The same for French and Norwegian. Buttigieg then turned to the made-up language of Lilandic and was surprised that Fallon responded in kind.

The two finally decided that they would continue the conversation (in English) on May 13.

Hi, I’m Mayor Pete Buttigieg, and I’ll be on “The Tonight Show” on May 13th.

Here’s the interview that Buttigieg did that night with Seth Meyers.

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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