‘Seinfeld’ Actor Jason Alexander Talks About How He Auditioned for the Role of George Costanza

Actor Jason Alexander, who famously played the role of George Costanza in Seinfeld, spoke with Inside of You host Michael Rosenbaum about how he auditioned for the role of his career, despite the fact that he was in New York and the casting was being done in Los Angeles.

Alexander made a tape of himself wearing a pair of glasses and putting on his best New York accent, which he felt to be an imitation of Woody Allen. He didn’t expect anything to come of it.

i not only did a thick New York accent, I literally was doing Woody Allen, like you know, the gestures and that voice. …and a couple days later got a call I think from Larry [David]. He said I love everything you’re doing. You know come out, we want to have you meet Jerry.  You’ll read for the network and I flew out and they said don’t change a thing except don’t do the Woody Allen voice.

Jason Alexander George Costanza Audition

Alexander also shared his thoughts about his role in Pretty Woman.

Here’s more from that interview.

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