Jake Roper Scientifically Analyzes the Survivability of ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ Through Immersive Role Playing

Mad Max Fury Road Survivability Jake Roper

In a fiery debut of the VSauce3 cinematically-themed YouTube Originals series “Could You Survive the Movies“, host Jake Roper analyzes Mad Max: Fury Road through a combination of factual narration, scientific asides and immersive role playing in full costume. He first looks at the environment after a nuclear war, sources of fuel, sources of food and water, blast effects, searing temperatures and availability of water, while his character keeps searching for the lost love of his life.

The episode follows Jake as he attempts to avoid capture by the Immortan and her horde while simultaneously testing the viability of surviving Fury Road and all the challenges it presents. Jake’s experimentation runs the gamut from determining if it’s possible to survive being strapped to the front of a moving car to finding out what would really happen if you got caught in a movie sized explosion. In addition to practical experiments, Jake dives into the science of the world


Vlogger Casey Neistat makes a surprise appearance with a very unrelated yet related question for Roper.

Let me ask you a question. Does YouTube really think that just by stacking a couple of top creators into one video, that an entirely new audience is gonna come to that channel, to see this new show just for those creators?

Here’s some behind-the-scenes footage from the shoot.