Zombie Flash Mob Photos by Jacob Appelbaum

Zombie Flash Mob

Risking life and limb, Jacob Appelbaum shot some amazing photos of today’s Zombie Flash Mob.

The zombies continued their rampage and they made it to the trolley cars of Powell street. At this point, I was separated from a number of the zombies for my own safety. They had attempted to eat me despite my camera blocking their pathetic attempts. I ran for my life and the group split in two. They followed to Union Square where they continued to eat innocent bystanders. I got word from a friend being chased by the other zombies that she was safe for the moment at Powell Street station. I ran to distract the other zombies in hopes they would leave the other poor people alone. When I made it back to the station, I found that I was trapped. My friend had been caught and she was turned. I ran for my life.

UPDATE 1: More zombie photos are being posted as they come in.

UPDATE 2: Derek Powazek shot some great photos of the zombie horde as well, including their invasion of the San Francisco Apple Store.

UPDATE 3: Some zombie video is now online.

photo by Jacob Appelbaum