Jack Black Recounts How He Got Injured While Filming the Final Episode of ‘CONAN’ in June 2021

The ever-jovial Jack Black quite joyfully recounted how he sprained his ankle while filming a gag for the final CONAN episode on TBS in June 2021.

Black explains that the plan was for him to jump out of an ambulance in a red Speedo and run inside. Unfortunately, as he was running, Black twisted his ankle badly enough for him to need an ambulance for real. Sadly, the paramedics from the gag were just actors.

Because of this injury, Black wound up appearing on stage the next night as Conan’s final guest with a cane. Black was as amusing as ever, however, he was supposed to strip down to his Speedo during his interview, but forgot.

So after all that I forgot to take off my clothes. The whole gag was I was gonna rip off my clothes and just be wearing the red Speedo and I got so carried away in the emotion and the singing of the song and the moment, I just forgot to get naked. But you know what? In a way, I did get naked in here –  in my heart because I love Conan!

Here’s the final episode in full.

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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