IZ Adaptive Clothing, Stylish Clothing Specifically Made For People In Wheelchairs

IZ Adaptive Clothing is a truly stylish line of clothing tailored specifically for the seated frame. Created by veteran designer Izzy Camilleri in 2004 “when a well-known journalist – who happens to use a wheelchair – contacted Izzy and asked her to design some fashionable, functional clothing.”

At IZ Adaptive, we take serious pride in our design ingenuity, and we’re seriously passionate about creating clothing for a seated frame with maximum comfort and maximum style. Think cut-lines specific to a seated body shape, structured so they fall and drape naturally and don’t interfere with wheelchair mechanics. Fabrics with stretch that won’t gape, bunch, or add unnecessary bulk. Open-back styles, strategically placed zippers, and magnetic buttons for easier on-and-offs. Whether you’re able to dress independently or require assistance, IZ Adaptive’s designs are tailored to save you effort and time.

Women's Trench

Men's Suit

Mens Moto Jacket

Women's Skinny Black Pant

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Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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