‘It Takeis Two’, A Charming Web Reality Series Starring George and Brad Takei

“You can’t cling on to trolls”

It Takeis Two” is a really charming web series that stars Star Trek alum George Takei and his husband Brad. In the first episode, an upset Brad does all he humanly can to stop the mean internet meme that was created about him in its tracks, despite the fact that one should never feed the trolls.

Brad Takei discovers a mean meme of himself on husband George Takei’s Facebook page and launches a mission to take it down and take on the internet. George, tries to help Brad realize that the internet is a veritable “wild west” and you must accept it for what it is, but Brad is not swayed. His adventure takes him all the way to Google headquarters in NYC. Will Brad and George be successful in their quest?

In other news, To Be Takei, a documentary about everyone’s Facebook friend George, is now available for purchase online.

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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