Inventor Colin Furze Premieres His Crowdsourced Flame-Throwing Guitar and Strobing Smoking Bass

Inventor Colin Furze collaborated with the Intel show America’s Greatest Makers to create an incredible flame-throwing guitar and a badass strobing light bass that emits copious amounts of smoke. This project started with Furze asking a simple question “How should I modify this guitar?”

I’d like your ideas on what mods to make to a guitar to mask my terrible guitar skills and make me feel like a rock god as making things is not just about making your life easier or to speed up a task….

Furze started with the strobing/smoking bass before moving onto the flame-throwing guitar

To support Intels Americas Greatest Makers i asked you what mods you would like to see me make to guitars and you just about all said you want to see a Flamethrower Guitar, so to warm you all up i’ve made a little extra in the shape of a Bass Guitar that emits smoke and has built in strobes.

I asked you what you wanted to see me put on a guitar in my support of Intel’s Americas Greatest Makers and you all said FLAMETHROWER……so here’s me putting it together.

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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