Compilation of Intros to Lesser Known 1950s TV Shows

Using footage from the Gilmore Box channel, RwDt09 has created an informative compilation of title intros from 32 lesser known television shows from the 1950s.

RwDt09 has listed the titles of the shows included in this compilation.

Norby, Professional Father, Ethel and Albert, Joe and Mabel, Lucy Desi Show, So This Is Hollywood, Those Whiting Girls, Wilby, It’s Always Jan, Hey Jeannie, Hank McCune, Halls of Ivy, Hiram Holiday, People’s Choice, Hey Mulligan, My Hero, Bob Cummings Show, Dennis Day Show, George Burns Show, Ed Wynn Show, Noah’s Ark, Navy Log, Walter Winchell File, Elgin Hour, Telephone Time, Damon Runyon Theater, Robert Montgomery Presents, United States Steel Hour, The Hunter, The Lineup, Markham.

via Boing Boing