Inflatable Purple Wizard Hats For Magical Cats


Cats are magical creatures who somehow manage to know how intelligent they are while looking incredibly cute. With this in mind, Archie McPhee created the Inflatable Wizard Hat for Cats, the perfect accessory for a smarty pants kitty.

Not every cat is worthy of a wizard hat. Some cats are just plain old mundane muggles mewing mediocrely. Leave them out of this. Other cats are MAGICAL! Those special cats need an Inflatable Wizard Hat for Cats. This vinyl 6-1/2″ long hat is held on kitty’s noggin with a four-point elastic strap system. Your own little Meow-lin (Claw-dini? Kitty Kopperfield? Hiss Angel? Hairball Potter?) will even be able to practice wizardry at night because it glows in the dark. Magic cats love it!