Amazing Genie Style Colorfully Striped and Solid Latex Pants That Inflate Into Impossible Leg Proportions

For his fashion show at the London College of Fashion, design student Harikrishnan has created an avant-garde line of colorfully striped and solid trousers, which consist of up to 30 individual latex panels and inflate into impossible highly voluminous proportions. Topping these fabulously genie style trousers are shirts and shorts made from beads.

According to The Daily Beast, the designer was inspired by his little pug to create these incredible, inflatable trousers.

In reality, Harikrishnan said he was inspired by his pug, Kai, while they were playing in his garden. “I was on the floor, talking to him,” he said. “He’s a small dog, and I wondered how he would see me. Is my leg looking like a big thing to him? I do a little pet sitting, so I’m into dogs. That’s where it started.”

via The Daily Beast