Handy All-in-One Indoor Dog Shower and Blow Dry Unit

Indoor Pet Styler Dog

The South Korean industrial design firm S2 VICTOR has created a wonderfully convenient, compact all-in-one shower, shampoo and blow dry unit for dogs that easily fits indoors. The auto-latching door prevents water and soap from escaping, yet easily overrides in order to manual to ensure the animal’s safety at all times. Once the showering process is complete, nice warm air is blown to dry the pet’s fur in a quick and thorough manner.

(translated) Pet Styler is also available as a home pet shower and house. … Waterproof design with mist dispensing and shower solution tanks as well as Euro design to efficiently send dry winds are the key to development. In addition, we designed various solutions to efficiently open, close, and easily change parts in case of failure, considering usability without damaging the design.

Indoor Pet Styler Electronics

Indoor Pet Styler Flap

Indoor Pet Styler Button

Indoor Pet Styler Front

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Indoor Pet Styler

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