Indochino, Online Custom Suits & Menswear

Indochino online custom suits

Indochino is an online purveyor of made to measure suits and other men’s apparel. Customers can customize their garments and go through a video-guided self measuring process, all through Indochino’s slick website. Garments are made by hand in Shanghai and delivered anywhere in the world in a process that takes a total of four weeks. Due to Indochino’s online business model, and lack of brick & mortar stores or middlemen, their prices undercut those of their name brand competitors by a wide margin. Indochino is headquartered in Vancouver, Canada.

Indochino online custom suits

One of Indochino’s customizing options is monogramming—friend of the squid Doc Pop took advantage of the service to put his Twitter handle in his new Indochino suit:

Doc Pop's new suit with custom @docpop embroidery

@docpop suit embroidery

photos 1 & 2 via Indochino, photos 3 & 4 by Scott Beale