The Indiana Jones Boulder Scene Recreated in LEGO

While at BrickCon 2018, Beyond the Brick TV host Joshua Hanlon caught up with Caleb Watson, a member of the Seattle LEGO users group. Watson had built a brilliant recreation of the famous Boulder chase from the iconic film Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark. This incredible build utilize six different motors to capture each part of the scene. Watson’s only frustration with his creation is that the ball isn’t completely round.

What’s been some of the challenges with this build I mean in general all of the challenges circulate around the fact that the ball is just simply not round. I spent a ton of time on the front because it has to actually hit the pressure plates in order to make the minifigure move out of the way so I just have to place a rock and run it a bunch of times and see if that bumps at the correct position…took a really long time to get the ball working.

Here’s the original boulder chase scene from the film.