Improv Everywhere Transforms Stranded Ice Skater Into An Expert

The latest Improv Everywhere mission “Worst Ice Skater Ever?”, a collaboration with Ice Theatre of New York, took an ice skater stranded alone in New York City’s Bryant Park and transformed him into an expert skater.

Every winter Bryant Park transforms its lawn into a ice skating rink. Earlier this year, Agents Adams and Sokoler were hanging out in the park when they witnessed a very funny moment. Every couple of hours the skaters are required to exit the rink so that the zamboni can clean the ice. While this was happening one man, a very poor skater, was stranded on the ice by himself, continually falling. This drew a large crowd of people gawking at his struggle. Agent Adams and Sokoler got an idea: what if we put a professional skater in this position and had him suddenly transform from a novice to an expert?


photo by Katie Sokoler