How a Breakdown Can Be Likened to a Violent Revolution Within One’s Own Mind

In a rather stark but informative animation, the consistently insightful School of Life explains why they believe breakdowns are necessary to live an authentic life. They cite the need to reconcile the disquieted parts of the mind with those that actively deny emotional pain. While these different parts of the mind need not be in conflict, a sudden emotional eruption can tip the balance and explode, similar to that of a violent revolution.

For years, the people press the government to listen to their demands and adjust. For years, the government makes token gestures but shuts its ears – until one day, it is simply too much for the people, who storm the palace gates, destroy the fine furnishings and shoot randomly at the innocent and the guilty. Mostly, in revolutions, there is no good outcome. The legitimate grievances and needs of the people are not addressed or even discovered. There is an ugly civil war – sometimes, literally, suicide. The same is true of breakdowns.