Supermodel Iman Shares Her Favorite Memories of David Bowie Inside Their Beautiful Catskills Home

Supermodel Iman welcomed Vogue into the beautiful Catskills home that she bought with her beloved husband David Bowie several years before his tragic death in 2016. Iman stated that it was really difficult for her to be in this house because she missed her husband so much, but during the COVID epidemic, she was able to go there and find peace with his memory.

The house really saved me during COVID, because before that I had a hard time staying here. I will come here for a weekend and leave the next day, because I felt very sad here, because I missed him so much. The house actually helped me go through my grief and come the other side. And that is what’s so special to me about this house.

As she moved through the house, Iman picked up various items that had meaning and held memories for her, not only of Bowie but of the many friends she’s made through the years, particularly those that got her through the grief of losing her husband. This includes a pillow given to her by fellow model Naomi Campbell, a drawing by her daughter Alexandria Zahra Jones, and art and sculptures given through their marriage.

Supermodel Iman takes us inside her Catskills home that is full of beautiful, artistic odes to David Bowie. From a self-portrait he painted in 1980 to a Lynn Chadwick sculpture she gave Bowie for their first wedding anniversary, watch as Iman shares some of the items most important to herself.

Iman also talked about stacking stones outside the home, a practice that she says gives her both spiritual and literal balance.

I started to create stacked stones all around the property, just to calm myself down, to feel the balance. Some cultures use it for in memory of someone, and others use it, actually, as navigation. For example, people use it when you are hiking, you leave stack stone, so you can tell the next person coming that they are on the right track.