Illuminated Scrabble Tiles With Changeable Letters

Word Up Lighted Scrabble Tiles

Firebox is featuring a very clever tabletop light that’s made up of seven glowing letter tiles that sit in a charging replica tile rack from the game Scrabble. The set comes with 60 mix-and-match reusable letter decals so the words displayed can be changed out for others as the mood strikes

Scrabble! …If only it could be used as home decor in some way… Spoiler alert: it can, thanks to this product. Spell out whatever the hell you want with Scrabble letters (as long as it’s 7 letters long) and pop them on this minimalist wooden platform to instantly illuminate them.

Lighted Scrabble Tiles

Unicorn Lighted Scrabble Tiles

Up Lighted Scrabble Tiles

Welcome Scrabble Tile Light

Scrabble Tile Lights Decals

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