Ignignokt & Err Invade Blogs via MooninitesUnite

Ignignokt & Err

Invite Ignignokt & Err to invade your blog as if it were Boston using code from MooninitesUnite (a side-project of Anti Anti Culture).

Ok, that Boston thing was silly. Like, silly to the max. So in an effort to show how harmless and gentle the Mooninites are, we here at Anti Anti Culture ask that you, fine patrons of the Internet, unite to support our fine extra-terrestrial friends by sticking Ignignokt and/or Err atop your webpages, Myspace profiles, blogs, or anything else shrouded in darkness. All that’s needed is some code pasted on your site (no graphics, no flash, just lovely cross-browser & valid HTML/CSS) and you got yourselves some Mooninite love.