Idle Hands: The Art of Coop, Book Features a Decade of Fine Art

Idle Hands

image via Positive Ape Index

Idle Hands: The Art of Coop is the latest book by Los Angeles-based artist Christopher Cooper aka “Coop”. Published by Baby Tattoo, this hardcover book features Coop’s fine art works from the past 10 years. Books ordered from Baby Tattoo will be signed by the artist.

While Coop’s previously published works, Devil’s Advocate: The Art of Coop and The Big Fat One, have focused primarily on the artist’s illustrations, Idle Hands showcases a significant amount of Coop’s work as a fine artist over the past decade. Using acrylic paint, Coop takes the bold iconography of his past work and re-contextualizes it on a larger scale, examining its individual parts to create a cohesive whole. This book contains everything that Coop’s fans love about his work, presented side-by-side with a healthy dose of surprises. It’s as high-quality as expected, and as outrageous as hell.

Self Portrait

Self Portrait, 2009 by Coop

via Positive Ape Index