Man Fondly Examines a Vintage Music Box From His Father’s Well-Used 1967 Ford Ice Cream Truck

In 2017, Don Williams took apart and examined a vintage music box from a 1967 Ford ice cream truck that belonged to his father. As he was looking at the construction of the box, Williams shared how his father bought this well-used truck because he wanted to keep working after retiring from the federal government in 1982

My father retired from the federal government back in 1982 and that way too early for him. He was hoping to work quite a bit longer so he needed something to supplement his income so he actually bought a 1967 Ford ice cream truck and this music box was on that truck.

Williams also appealed to his viewers’ knowledge of music boxes to tell him what kind and how old this box is.

So if anybody out there has any idea how old this thing is…leave a message in the comment
box and let me know.

What’s most remarkable, however, about this music box is its simplicity.

via Doctor Popular

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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