Hyper Little Cat Runs, Jumps and Hops on Her Hind Legs Like a Kangaroo While Entertaining Herself in the House

While entertaining herself in the house, a little cat named Nikita, from the feline duo Bobo & Nikita (see previously), makes like a kangaroo as she runs, jumps and hops on her hind legs onto walls, toys and even over an unsuspecting Bobo, who somehow remains completely impervious to his hyper little sister. According to their human Krzysztof, Nikita is just a highly energetic cat who thinks she’s still a kitten.

No catnip, just two “toys” and me (sometimes). Nikita is 2 years old now. She still act like a kitten and she has a lot of energy.

Nikita has been this way since she was about 5 weeks old, as demonstrated in this video from November 2012.