Humble Indie Bundle #2, Pay What You Want for Games & Help EFF

The Humble Indie Bundle from Wolfire Games is back! Five of the hottest games from independent developers, offered without DRM on a pay-what-you-want basis. Even better, you can divide your payment however you like between the developers, the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) and the Child’s Play Charity.

From the EFF blog:

It’s a great promotion, proving once again that consumers, given the right opportunities, can be trusted to support content they want—without having to be sued, surveilled, or censored into compliance. EFF continues to protect freedom and innovation in the gaming world, whether we are arguing for the right of gamers to speak anonymously, defending video games from unconstitutional censorship, or protecting your right to resell, modify, or copy the games you have purchased. EFF has also urged the United States Supreme Court to protect the free speech rights of videogame creators and users, throwing out unconstitutional restrictions on violent videogames. To find out more about our work related to video games, visit our latest issue page.

Get it while you can!

Hugh D'Andrade
Hugh D'Andrade

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