Humane Index: San Francisco Most Humane City In US

Humane Index

The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) made an announcement that based on their research, San Francisco is the most humane city in the country, in fact, they determined that it is twice as humane as the average US city. Mayor Gavin Newsom issued the following statement regarding San Francisco’s humane status:

“This is a wonderful honor that I proudly accept on behalf of all the pet and animal lovers living in San Francisco. Pets play a significant role in the culture and social landscape of our city. There is an undeniable love and respect for our pets that often gives them equal status as a beloved member of the family. From pet-friendly hotels to world-class veterinary facilities, we are a compassionate city dedicated to the humane treatment of animals and take great pride in being the best place in the country to live for animals and animal lovers alike.

The full results of The Humane Society’s measurements of the humane levels of US cities have been published on their new website, Humane Index.

The first-ever Humane Index is comprised of a dozen factors selected to provide a basis for comparing the relative humaneness of the nation’s largest metropolitan areas. The Index includes topics related to pets, farm animals, wildlife, animals in entertainment and advocacy for animals and demonstrates that Americans extend their compassion beyond the millions of pets who share our homes.

Lori and I have been been doing our part to contribute. Both of our cats, Ika Zaru and Taki Zaru are both formally feral cats that we rescued through Feral Cat Assistance Program at The San Francisco SPCA.

Scott Beale
Scott Beale

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