Incredible Human Skull Made From 646 Colored Pencils

British artist Skot Biscuit created an amazing, full size human skull out of an incredible 646 colored pencils in 2017. Like other colored pencil projects we previously posted, Biscuit glued the pencils together, shaped and rounded it to his liking and began meticulously carving the features into the skull.

When the skull was finished, Biscuit named it Wilson and posed with it, before he sent it off to the lucky buyer.

The final shots of the finished skull, meticulously carved from a solid block of colouring pencils, 646 pencils were used to make the block and it has taken me over a month to complete this piece, it sold last night and I will miss him dearly when he is gone, I named him Wilson. I have no plans to repeat this carving, it was one of the toughest carving projects I ever embarked on, I just wanted to be able to say I was the first carver to carve a full scale, full skull from pencils.

Despite his protestations, Biscuit returned to carving more amazing colored pencil skulls of different sizes and shapes.

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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