Kind Human Crochets Sweaters to Calm an Anxious Cat

My cat has anxiety and feels safe when he’s wearing a sweater, so I learned how to crochet sweaters for him. from r/aww

Aelle1209 shared adorable pictures of their sweater-wearing cat Voxel. As it turns out, this very kind human learned how to crochet sweaters for the cat as they found out by accident that they calm down his anxiety. It all started on a cold winter day when Voxel was hiding under the laundry and took off from there.

I noticed he was getting cold during the wintertime, hiding under blankets and in our laundry, so I thought I’d try a sweater on him. I…But to my surprise as soon as I put the sweater on him he started purring and fell asleep. We noticed pretty quickly that he seemed much calmer with his sweater on, so we started putting the sweater on him whenever he seemed distressed or hyperactive. It worked every single time–he’d immediately calm down. After a while, he started “asking” for his sweater (we’d show it to him, he’d meow and come over to us to put it on).

Voxel in Sweater Sleeping
photo via Aelle1209

Voxel in Sweater on Walk
photo via Aelle1209

Voxel In Sweater Sitting Up
photo via Aelle1209