An Amusing Clay Sculpture Mashup That Combines The Incredible Hulk With Yoda

Adam of North of the Border Craftworks carved an amusing clay mashup that combined the muscled body of The Incredible Hulk with the face, hands, and feet of Yoda.

It’s The Hulk, but it’s Yoda? Happy belated May the 4th, and I’m sorry.

Adam painstakingly added and sculpted the clay, articulating the distinctive striations of the Hulk’s muscles and the wrinkles on Yoda’s face and ears. He then airbrushed the entire body green, adding the appropriate clothing when the time was right.

Hulk Yoda Unpainted
Hulk Yoda Face
Hulk Yoda Midsection
Hulk Yoda Back
Hulk Yoda Claws

via Nerdist

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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