Beautifully Detailed Artistic Reproductions Created Entirely With Hand-Coded HTML and CSS

Pure CSS Francine

UI Engineer Diana A. Smith create beautifully detailed, artistic reproductions by hand-coding entirely in CSS and HTML. Her paintings include “Pure CSS Francine”, an “HTML/CSS drawing in the style of an 18th-century oil painting”, “Pure CSS Lace”, which was “inspired by Flemish baroque portraits”, “Pure CSS Zigaro”, a mid-century advertisement and “Pure-CSS Vignes”, inspired by 1930’s poster art.

Smith has put all the code on GitHub, but warns that not all browsers are equal, although some can make for some interesting results.

Because of the artistic nature of this project I have not concerned myself with cross-browser-compatibility, so the live preview will most likely look laughable in anything other than chrome.

Pure CSS Lace