How the United States Defines Federal Land

In a rather insightful video regarding the geographical makeup of the United States, vlogger CGP Grey explains in his rather distinct manner, how the land was divided up when the country was first populated, how the United States defines federal land, which agencies are responsible for the different types of federal lands, why states in the western part of the country have more federal land than the eastern states and the difference between federal land and state land.

States like poor Utah and Nevada found themselves without any state in their states. …America has all this land, but what is it for? …What does it mean to say the land is federal or not? This brings up the sensitive and delicate balance of power between the states and America. But ultimately, federal land belongs to America and she can do with it what she wants and the states can have to just suck it. Most starkly in Nevada where federal land was used for nuclear bomb testing..