How to Turn a Large Block of 256 Melted Crayons Into a Colorful Flower Vase Using a Wood Lathe

Peter Brown of Shop Time happily demonstrated how to create a colorful bud vase from a block of 256 melted Crayola crayons, which he shaped and formed on his wood lathe.

I present to you 256 crayons melted into a large rainbow block turned on the wood lathe for your amusement.. There is no glue or fasteners of any type, just a block of melted wax. I am more than pleased with the fact that it exists at all, much less that it didn’t fling into a million pieces the moment I turned on the lathe!

In October 2015, Brown posted his first video about the joy of working with crayons, learning quite a bit through trial and error.

Considering the time investment, I sure hope this works…. @crayola 140*F for melting crayons? :)

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Liquid @crayola. So far so good. #crazywoodworker

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