American Dialect Coach Demonstrates How to Speak In a Dozen Different International Accents

American dialect coach Sammi Grant demonstrated for BuzzFeed Video, her remarkable ability to teach and speak in a dozen different international accents including those from England (London and Yorkshire), Ireland and Scotland (which does not sound like an Irish accent). After that she moved on to various accents found in the United States including Brooklyn, Midwestern and two types of Southern accents. Grant then moved back across the pond for French and Russian accents before settling right in the middle with the old-timey Transatlantic accent. Grant state that she got into dialect coaching because she enjoys listening to people, particularly since she is visually impaired.

I am a dialect coach, I’m legally blind and one of the reasons I got into dialect coaching is because I love to hear people’s voices and help people find the range of their voices …a lot of people think they don’t have an accent, but the truth is every single person in the world has an accent, so you shouldn’t judge other people for the way they sound. Instead you should celebrate the amazing diversity of sounds that the world has to offer.