Puppeteer Barnaby Dixon Shares How to Make Finger Puppets Out of Post-It Notes and Invisible Tape

How to Make a Puppet Using Post-it Notes

While guest-hosting a Great Big Story episode, the wonderfully talented Barnaby Dixon (previously) and his longtime puppet sidekick Dabchick shared how to make finger puppets from sticky Post-It notes and invisible tape. His cat Matilda also provided several specifically feline distractions.

Got time on your hands? Puppet master Barnaby Dixon and his cheeky friend Dabchick are taking over your regularly scheduled programming to show you how to make your very own finger puppet. All you need are Post-it notes, tape, scissors, a pencil, and a marker. And fingers, of course.

Once the lesson was finished, Dixon put on a little show in which the paper puppets performed the amusing “Quarantine Waltz”