How To Inexpensively Create an Elegantly Smoked Cocktail

In the latest episode of Cocktail Chemistry, a skilled mixologist demonstrates how to create a smoked cocktail using a sealable glass bottle, several applewood sticks and all the necessary ingredients for the cocktail itself.

We’re going to start by filling the glass container with smoke, so prepare the area by removing any highly flammable objects like paper. Now we need to let the stick of wood on fire to generate the smoke. You can use any kind of torch such as a lighter or even the stovetop works pretty well. Once the wood has been lit to extinguish the flame and immediately place the glass container over the stick to capture the smoke leave the word in long enough so the glass becomes opaque, then remove the glass and immediately seal it now let’s prepare a classic old fashioned. …Now let’s carefully pour the old fashioned into the smoke container, shake up the cocktail with the smoke but note that the more you shake it the more smokey the flavor will be.