How to Destroy the Universe: Part 6 – Featured Artist: Interpretive Arson

The How to Destroy the Universe party Saturday the 25th at NIMBY will have a very special installationDance Dance Immolation by Interpretative Arson.

Dance Dance Immolation combines video games, music, and propane. You play DDR. A good performance wins you acclaim from flamethrowers. A missed step gets you a face full of fire! Yes, the fire is real. Put on a fireproof suit and give it a try!

Dance Dance Immolation 3

photo by Nick Winterhalter

Or as the tagline says: “Dance Dance Revolution. With Flamethrowers. Pointed At You.” Also, it is worth nothing that this may be the last time in 2009 that DDI will be set up in the states, so if you want a face full of fire while dancing… you know where to go and when.