How to Deal With Cats While Staying at Home

Famed cat daddy Jackson Galaxy offers some very helpful advice about how to deal with cats while their humans are spending an enormous amount of time at home. Cats are very much creatures of habit, so the sudden constant appearance of humans disrupts their sense of normality. Galaxy goes by three R’s. – routine ritual rhythm. He also suggests clicker training, puzzle toys, pet videos and the strategic implementation of treats.

Hey everyone, I know it’s a strange new world we are dealing with – and I want to help not only deal with the reality of your cats at home with all of you…all the time!… but also use this time to try new things, build your bond and yes….wait for it… HAVE FUN!

Galaxy also put out a plea to foster shelter animals since we’re all going to be at home anyway.

The spread of Covid-19 around The US has, in short order, created a sheltering crisis of epic proportions. What can we do to weather this storm and save innocent lives? FOSTER! One shelter animal temporarily in your home will reverse this dire situation if we all do it. So let’s do it!