An Amusing Animation That Offers Helpful Hints for Caring for One’s Pet Introvert

The wonderfully satirical social commentator Exurb1a hilariously offered via clever animation, a number of helpful hints in regard to caring for one’s introvert, as if the introvert were a pet. In doing so, Exurb1a explained the habits of an introvert, the behavior of an introvert and the benefits of having an introvert in one’s life.

…introverts make for excellent fighting animals.They will level up from Occasional Reader, to Social Hermit, then with enough experience evolve into their final form, Professional EVE: Online Player. The introvert class comes with a low-maintenance cost,
but extremely high embarrassment risk. …In any case though, if you’re looking for a pet that isn’t constantly defacing the furniture. Or trying to murder you in your sleep. Why not get an introvert? Not as good as dogs, but much less likely to piss everywhere.

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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