Writers of ‘The Office’ Liken the Show to a Tiny Flower Peeking Up Through a Crack in Parking Lot Pavement

In an enlightening episode of the series Behind the Curtain, host N.T. Jordan created compilation of interviews with writers of The Office, who explain how the show is very heavy on the satire of daily life, but still found room to address and balance the delicate, hopeful nature of budding relationships that occur within a professional environment.

…the show at large was like a paved-over concrete sort of boring-looking office park parking lot with one little kind of flower peeking up through a crack in the pavement ….this is a satire about the modern world of parking lots and office parks and fluorescent lights and drop ceilings but like the soul of the show was that little flower that somehow has found its way that little tiny bit of brightness that has found its way through a crack and this very sort of paved over universe.