How Traditional Phyllo Dough Is Made by Hand in Thessaloniki, Greece

Claudia Romeo of Business Insider traveled to Thessaloniki, Greece to learn how traditional phyllo dough is made by hand.

Phyllo pastry is made from many thin layers and is achieved by a very complex lamination that involves not only a fat, like butter or margarine, but also oil. The oil adds extra slip and makes it incredibly difficult to stretch — so difficult that despite phyllo’s popularity all over Greece, most bakers have given up making it by hand.

Romeo visited with Philippos Bandis, puff pastry chef at Bougatsa Bantis. who gave her a one-on-one lesson in making the delicate dough.

We visited Philippos Bandis in Thessaloniki, one of only a few artisanal producers left who is still making phyllo by hand.

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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