A Remarkable 3D Rendering Timelapse Showing How Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris Can Be Restored

In and around 2014, the Passion for Innovation Institute of Dassault Systèmes, created an incredibly realistic rendering of how the Notre Dame de Paris Cathedral could be renovated in order to make it safer and sturdier while its facade would be restored to its former glory. In light of the heartbreaking news of the tragic fire that severely damaged the cathedral, it’s encouraging to know that there are roadmaps to rebuilding this iconic piece of history.

Fr. Aquinas Guilbeau, OP noted that the Cathedral’s stone vaulting “worked as designed”.

After President Emmanuel Macron announced that the Paris would be raising funds for reconstruction, the French businessmen Bernard Arnauld of LVMH pledged €200 million, Francois Pinault of Gucci will donate €113 million towards the cause. In just 24 hours after the fire, the fund raised over €675 million. Notre Dame University in South Bend, Indiana is donating $100,000 as well.

This timeless landmark has been mapped many times for very different reasons. The late Andrew Tallon of Vassar University, scanned the whole Cathedral with lasers in 2015.

Gaming company Ubisoft had virtually constructed the Cathedral while creating their game Assassin’s Creed Unity and are being asked on Twitter to assist in the reconstruction.

via Open Culture

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