How Nonna’s in Los Angeles Makes Their Empanadas

A really yummy episode of the BuzzFeed culinary series Tasty goes inside the famous Nonna’s Empanadas in Los Angeles to learn how they make their legendary “finger food”. Co-founder and owner Eddy Ekmekgian shares how they craft their classic beef empanadas as well as their classic vegetarian version and explains the wide variety that Nonna’s offers.

Nonna’s Empanadas is a combination of several things. In the front, we have a beautiful quick-service restaurant where we bake and serve over 30 flavors of empanadas at any given time, and in the back is a full-production kitchen. We have many types of flavors, with meat, vegetable, cheese, even dessert. Whatever you’re craving, Nonna’s has an empanada for you.