How Murray’s Makes Their Legendary Bagels With Just Four Ingredients and New York City Tap Water

Murrays Bagels Method

In an enticingly chewy episode, First We Feast took a foray outside of their ongoing hot wings series, and instead went to Murray’s Bagels in Greenwich Village, New York City to learn how their legendary bagels are made. Owner Adam Pomerantz happily offered a tour and sat down to talk about the history of bagels in the United States.

Eastern European Jews ate them all the time. It was it was one of these ethnic foods that over the years became really mainstream. So growing up in Brooklyn and Staten Island …everyone ate bagels so I think everyone treats New York Jewish soul food as just real American eats….we do just a real traditional method the way things were done 100 years ago. Five basic ingredients; high gluten flour salt, yeast barley malt – that’s kind of a unique ingredient in New York bagels, a lot of people just use sugar – and of course we use New York City tap water

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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