How Kylo Ren Became a Fully Developed Character In His Emotional Struggle Between Dark and Light

Filmmaker Michael Tucker of Lessons from the Screenplay took critical look at two films from his “favorite franchise of all time”, Star Wars: Episode VII The Force Awakens and Star Wars: Episode VIII The Last Jedi. As with the Rogue One comparison, Tucker again specifically noted how both films fell a bit short in regard to character development, character engagement, purposeful objective and meaningful consequence, with one specific exception. The sublime character arc of Kylo Ren.

The character who transforms the most in ‘The Last Jedi’ is Kylo Ren. Unlike with Finn’s arc, we get to see Kylo make decisions that externalize his inner struggle. …Kylo is wrestling with the conflict inside him lost somewhere between the light and the dark and this is demonstrated because the plot constantly puts him in situations where he must choose between these two paths. … Kylo’s arc demonstrates the emotional power choices can have, when the plot continually pushes characters to confront their emotional struggle and having witnessed his potential for good, it is that much more heartbreaking when he finally chooses to become the villain of the story.