Actor John Boyega Opens Up About How J.J. Abrams Told Him That He Got the Role as Finn in Star Wars

In the third episode of the excellent BBC Two series Black is the New Hollywood, actor John Boyega opens up about the meeting during which he found out he got the role of Finn, the former Stormtrooper who joins up with the Resistance in Star Wars.

Boyega shared that he was just hanging out with a friend when director J.J. Abrams called. After spending last few pounds on a taxi to a restaurant, Boyega was seated at a table with Abrams was getting ready to pitch him as to why he would be perfect for the role, but Abrams interrupted him and told him that he already got the job.

When he said that, you’ve never felt time freeze before. That was the day. The next day I got a call from the producers and they’re just like “Yeah, you’re training for Star Wars”. And I was like, yeah I’m in Star Wars. And that was moment for when I was kind of like “I think I need to start giving some goodbyes to my old life.

They also asked Boyega about a Chinese Star Wars poster that had raised some concerns about racism.